The process throughout the early life of Shimmy, was very much a trial and error, learn as you go, skin-thickening endeavour. Through attempts to outsource the build, form partnerships, find funding. Came valuable lessons, difficult questions, and pivoting to find the right route forwards... 


Shimmy has been through some critical, challenging development stages, which have involved onboarding and losing developers due to individual circumstances. Strategising and engaging in the launch of a native cryptocurrency token, which hit a standstill due to regulatory pressures. Researching subjective specification, industry and technical requirements, and planning the build of our AI based moderation model.

In a broad sense, social media has boundless untapped potential to solve the worlds problems.

All of these learning curves the project has been through thus far, have led to the position we are in today - Steadying the ship, in order to navigate forwards. Currently, Shimmy has highly capable developers engaged and moving fast with the production of the first versions. A steadily growing marketing output and userbase. A refined proposition, strategy and product, with scalability and the scope to innovate within a global industry.

We are implementing a social product which uses 'Shimmies' to facilitate safe, impactful social content. Creating channels of subject-relevant community content. So offer your support with one click below - It's all free! Advocate for our values and be the first to test our app when it's live in the near future. We cannot wait to get Shimmying and hope you feel the same. Let's do this! 

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