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{18 January 2023}
πŸ“² Check out the Blog for the latest product update #Comingsoon 🀳
{01 January 2023}
πŸ’œ Happy New Year! Let's make 2023 the year of Shimmy!! 🧑
{22 November 2022}
πŸŽ„ We're heading into the festive season with a solid plan for 2023, expect some major updates in Q1! πŸŽ„
{17 October 2022}
πŸ’Έ Our first funding round is ongoing! Contact Us for more info, or access to the Shimmy Data Room. πŸ’Έ 
{3 September 2022}
πŸ“™ Read 'The Shimmy Niche' to find out what makes Shimmy Shimmy πŸ“™ 
{16 July 2022}
πŸ’° Our Tokenomics have been updated for long-term sustainability. View here πŸ’°
{11 June 2022}
πŸ”ŽThere are less than <200 testing spaces for our MVP. Offer your insight!  Click Here πŸ”
{21 May 2022}
πŸ–₯ Who wants to test the Shimmy MVP?! Join Waitlist πŸ–₯
{14 May 2022}
🌝  Welcome @Caleb & @Alex to the Shimmy Dev Team! To the moon! 🌝
{22 April 2022}
πŸ”₯  Stay tuned for announcements on our Private Sale & Launchpad IDOs! πŸ”₯
{5 April 2022}
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Our Team is expanding, bringing more punching power to the Shimmy MVP! More news coming soon πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
{30 March 2022}
πŸš€ The Shimmy or $SHM Token, will reach the Cardano mainnet soon. Check back for updates! πŸš€
{7 March 2022}
πŸ“™ Find out more about Shimmy. Shimmy Docs is now live! πŸ“™
{18 February 2022}
πŸ”  More important information on Shimmy will be released next week! πŸ”
{10 January 2022}
πŸ“£ Stay tuned for upcoming 2022 announcements πŸ“£
{01 January 2022}
πŸ’« Happy New Year to all! πŸ’« 
{10 December 2021}
🧑 There is some exciting news coming early 2022! 🧑
{11 October 2021}
πŸ“± We are making great progress with the product! πŸ“±

{8 September 2021}
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Our development is Shimmying along well πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

{17 August 2021}
πŸ’ƒ Read 'The Shimmy Story' blog  πŸ•Ί

{21 July 2021}
πŸ‘‰  The Shimmy Token ICO is now live  πŸŽ‰

{20 June 2021}
πŸ“‘  The Investor Page is almost live  πŸ“‘

{24th May 2021}
More info on Shimmy Token here. ICO is on the way! 

{18 April 2021}
✨ You will be able to purchase Shimmy Token very soon ✨

{1.5 April 2021}
 πŸ˜€ Everyone can now Sign-Up to Shimmy πŸ˜€

{24 March 2021}
Starting to release the landing page through our network ✌️

{18 March 2021}
Working on Investor Page, Mobile Dev & Coin Implementation πŸ’ͺ

{10 March 2021}
We've now registered the Shimmy (SHM) Token on the testnet!! πŸ’Έ

{3 March 2021}
Almost ready to go live with the website! πŸ› 

{22 Feb 2021}
We are making great progress with Website and Mobile Dev πŸ•’
{1 Jan 2021}
We are getting to work on building the Shimmy app! (finally πŸŽ‰)
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