All it takes is a quick scroll through one of the prominent social media apps, and a look into what could be considered the wider context - the psychology behind what people are posting nowadays, or their narrative. Typically, a lot of the content that people post is of an ego driven nature, where it is more a shallow plea for attention than something of substance and value to others.


All it takes is for you to observe the younger generations. It certainly doesn't take long for phones to appear, social media activity to happen, selfies to be taken for the average teenager in modern times. Its become tear-jerkingly normal and acceptable for people to bear their souls on social media, to fling every last detail of their lives into the abyss. To reach out for attention, be pulled into a reactive dialogue or enable a destructively written 'news' article to put a dampener on their day.

When the real world statistics about social media pop up with words like deaths, suicide, addiction & bullying, it starts to strike a chord. It is largely down to this factor, amongst others, that explains why we’re doing what we’re doing at Shimmy and the ultimate goals and direction of our business. 

Use social media to impact people, not to impress people!

It’s perhaps helpful to contemplate how the future looks for the younger generations who have grown up mis-using social media in the eyes of others. How will what they’re doing now impact their life and the real world happenings as they look back in 10 years? Not only do employers have the means and intent to search irresponsibly open, un-secure channels for your information, you leave yourself exposed to the harsh judgement of others - peers, mutual friends etc. If you post too much, telling information across social, what do you have left? 

Although video is a more telling, transparent mode of communication with little room to hide, it is a necessary step forward we have to live with in terms of the world of digital and being in-front of camera ourselves. It is the natural progression, and it is the way the world will continue to evolve online going forwards. With the unfathomable rise of and demand for digital currency, and the general scope for a more ethical, safer social media product, it creates the perfect angle on two powerful markets for Shimmy, and is why we are doing what we’re doing. We aim to innovate and bring something completely new, utilising learnings and capabilities afforded with modern tech, to shape a service which drives the future of social media. 

It brings many positives using transactional media files to communicate between your network and friendship groups, as it is unambiguous, true and real. The Data bandwidth from end to end and the general efficiency of video proves it to be the best means of remote communication. Encapsulating this mode along with others within a friendly, usable interface and enabling the usage and sharing of these things that we shall call Shimmies with financial functionality, is what makes our app, our app. It’s what will mean you can have a more real, meaningful time on social media, and it’s why you should join us and Shimmy with us for the rest of our days! 

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