Our strategy involves incentivising and growing a community driven, user-centric ecosystem contributing. Gathering many qualified advocates of the Shimmy approach to this problem. Then collectively utilising and shaping our solution as the route forward. In adoption of the more ethical Shimmy platform, our user base will reap more rewards, not have to deal with the hassle, and will individually and collectively enjoy a more secure, worthwhile and purposeful experience. 

The problem is clear to see; Our solution is clear to use. The strategy for the platform development is also crystal clear - We are forming a movement shaking off the social media that drags you down. In selling the allotted first release of the SHM Token, and re-investing in the build, development and implementation of the Token. We will build our membership in line with the growth of the coin value, and release the product restrictively to ensure demand and early usership. In adopting and using Shimmy, which is safer, clearer and geared toward more productive, beneficial end results. We will cause tangible positive changes within the market, proving how social media companies should operate, and how their services should be constructed and used - where the focuses should be in order to ensure the best possible future for all through social media. 

It’s time for your activity and experience on social media to shine, to shimmer. It’s time to refine and develop our own activity and output, and use a more personalised means of connecting and communicating remotely with the people that are real in our life. It's time to be more selfish with social media and operate with more method and reason. 

If it’s sharing some new art, or posting a video montage from your day, we make sure that your use case is delivered in the right context and mode, with the necessary controls and permissions. We make sure that throughout the many possible use cases, you can achieve the optimal results with what it is you’re doing. 

Stay tuned for the 1st SHM Token release and the launch of Shimmy V1. You can sign up here. We’ll send you the exciting update such as when the Token is available for purchase, where you can access the coin and where you’ll be able to get our merchandise when it's available! 

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