Is it achieving likability? Adoration? Fame? Followers? Do you want attention? Do you want everyone to see how well you’re doing? Do you have something to show off? Is it your opinion? Should everyone care about what you think? 


The time, in our considered opinion, has unquestionably come to start answering how we can present better use cases for social media output. With so many problems and critical inequality across the world right now, in 2022, it’s time to put a tool as powerful as social media to better use. 

We’ve seen your holiday pics, your new car, your high points. It’s time to prove who you really are, what you really care about and where you can add value. We beg the question: What does purpose look like within social media? How can it be used for positive impact? What change do you want to bring? What reason can you give to bring support? What initiatives do you endorse?

Do you just want to insinuate how amazing you are, or do you want to prove it? Do you want to put considered output to good use? Do you want to make a difference?

Show your real worth. Create impact. Add value. Its time to choose impact over ego. To ask more of ourselves through social media. This will be housed within the Shimmy platform. 

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