Shimmying towards safer, meaningful social...

What springs to your mind when you hear  ‘Blockchain’…? What about ‘Social media’…? Scary thoughts? Do you feel like a small cog in a big machine? Or does it energise you?

This blog addresses current trends and factors within both of these prominent areas, relative to Shimmy and our differentials. Outlining how the project merges both, to shape towards a more progressive, worthwhile and ethical direction for social activity. 


If there is one stark takeaway from recent years within the social media industry, it is that currently, the landscape is undeniably harmful, especially for the younger generation - there is a large amount of short-fallings, and a hell of a lot of room for growth and progression. Top-down governance, unethical processes, harmful usage and activity barely scrape the surface of the depth of the issues polluting the industry and society overall. As the industry has grown, the activity and wider impact has become more and more destructive. 

From recent years in the blockchain era, we have seen unbounded, and scarily high rates of growth and development. Akin to the MySpace era,  blockchain technology is still in it’s early days, we find it continually breaking through glass ceilings, to unimaginable heights. Innately however, blockchain provides many solutions to the pitfalls experienced through social media, and is fundamentally secure in the structural integrity of the technology. Namely through sovereignty, cryptography and ownership. Similar to the explosive rise of social media in the early days, we are seeing astronomical levels of growth, beyond what many would have believed possible. 

Blockchain technology innovates within the global financial system, delivering a historical revelation toward new, safer, decentralised means of finance. Giving the people back their financial sovereignty, opening up a new frontier in terms of transactional capabilities, asset management, and automation. Cryptography over centralised governance, volatility over inflation, equality over autocracy. As ALT coins have exploded through the crypto space, the burgeoning factor that differentiates them is their subjective use case. In Shimmy’s context, our Token will be used to represent transfer of value between users in our ecosystem, and the opportunity for our members to profit for agreeably worthy causes. Be it for their own endeavours, or a charity for example. The below home page screen, will give you an idea of the types of content that the platform will facilitate, and also provide a good segway into the social media element of our project. 

As a decentralised social media platform, Shimmy facilitates bottom up governance through validators and stakeholders. More safety and user control through design. Reliable regulation and verification mechanisms, and a generally safer environment ensuring less animosity and more purpose. There will be no ‘news’, no unavoidable rabbit holes of opinion and controversy, no comments, no nonsense. You, Shimmy members, will essentially run your own ecosystem, connecting with your own, true network. You can post individual, public or private posts, as well as join or create ‘Shimmy Bubbles’ - This is our innovation comparable to a ‘group’ or ‘channel’, and facilitates enclosed, contextual social media content, from your football teams' public bubble, to your bubble raising money for a cause close to your heart. 

Let's advance social media usage from an egocentric, commercial world view, to a brighter future where each of us affect positive change. 

Ultimately, Shimmy is facilitating more meaningful, secure social media content, supported by our cryptocurrency - The SHM Token. The platform is there to be used with purpose, to make things happen and bring positive change. We are taking the best elements from social media and blockchain technology, presenting a forward facing, ethical solution for good. We are bridging the gap and bringing accessibility, usership and capability to the wider community. 

More designs will be made available around the turn of the new year. Along with lots of exciting further news and updates. To support and get involved early, simply sign up. Or reach out to us at hi (at) shimmyapp (dot) com.

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