"In the relentless market of attention, thriving means mastering focus, turning distractions into stepping stones, and emerging not just unscathed, but enriched."

Shimmy, as an innovative social tool, enables attention to be pointed in more purposeful directions. It evades the 'attention at all costs', clickbait, self-gratification and virtue signalling we have grown so used to, in favour of rewarding attention, respecting data privacy, creating valuable, transparent, positive impact.


Whilst we're on the edge of our seats waiting to download Shimmy, here are some pointers to help you to thrive with social in the meantime:

  • Be mindful of our attention. Pay attention to how much time we spend on different apps and websites, and try to be more selective about where we focus our attention.
  • Take breaks from technology. It's important to give our brains a break from the constant stimulation of the online world.
  • Be conscious of the information we allow ourselves to see online. Don't share or believe everything you see on social media.
  • Support companies that are committed to ethical and responsible data collection and use.

The attention economy is a complex issue, but there are things we can do to protect ourselves from its negative impacts. By things link being mindful of our headspace, being disciplined with our time on social, and being conscious and wary of the information we allow ourselves to see and interact with.

Naturally, we have developed a product which takes steps forwards, innovating beyond the often painful, harmful and destructive impacts of the attention economy, delivering a social platform that utilises influence for good, empowers and incentivises, and sets out to create real positive impact in our world.

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