There is too much suffering through social media

After experiencing and researching the ranging, drastic negative impacts through social media and their causes. We pioneered a safer, user-centered social network - Shimmy... 


People demand and deserve more from social media. So we set out on the path of delivering exactly that. We aim to solve the worlds problems through social media, be a force for good in the world and instigate positive change. 

The technology brings more purpose, security and ownership, and more direct monetary and non-monetary value to social file sharing. 

Our vision involves large scale positive impact through the long term. We are relentlessly focused on enabling advancements through social media for the people.

Building an ecosystem that continually facilitates positive outcomes, development and opportunity. Bringing more reward, reason and incentive. Facilitating safer transfer of information and value. Providing an outlet for real worthwhile activity and impact.

Use Shimmy to create and share safely with your real network. Raise awareness for what you care about. Learn, support, do your bit! 

We are ethical, transparent and obsessed with delivering a more rewarding user experience. This has led to many innovative features such as our unique invite-only mechanism, and our firm principles regarding things like data protection & ads.

Sign-up, stay up to date with our progress and be an early pioneer of the Safe, Purposeful, Rewarding Social Media.

For anything else Shimmy, email hi (at)

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