Bring real value to your activity with the SHM Token. 

Yes, that’s right. We are releasing a native digital currency! The Shimmy Token, helps us really pack a punch in terms of being a valuable incentive, and providing a completely innovative in-app experience relative to social. It has never been done before the way we’re doing it, in enabling transparent, peer to peer connectivity relative to typical social media type files...


The SHM Token is set up on the Binance Blockchain (BEP-20) and will be perfectly linked through our app and your Shimmy wallet. The token is transferrable in the wider crypto market, although it is in-built, and supported by the native Shimmy app. The main purpose of the coin in the app is to bring weight and purpose to the content that people create and share. The coin will link through numerous actions within the app, such as supporting content, unlocking access to purchase or view content. Being transferable from account to account, or from Shimmy to account, or vice versa. 

Blockchain technology brings significantly safer, ethical and value driven advancements to the way our accounts will interact and transact in a social media sense. It creates a more inclusive, controlled environment for content of value and meaning. 

 The simplicity, structure and flow of the user-face, makes the transferability of the coin simple. Allowing the focus to be on non-monetary elements such as cause, resonance, reasoning, meaning, beauty and purpose.

We will be releasing the token for purchase in stages through the next two years. It is a primary feature of Shimmy, bringing stabilisation and grounding to transactional media, or media sharing - New, Safe Social Media meets Crypto. 

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