As an innovative, powerfully differential social tool, Shimmies can be created for a plethora of use cases. From a family’s safe, private content to a multi-national brands’ marketing initiative, to a sports team’s updates, or a way to store your favourite quotes… It’s the beauty of Shimmy as a social platform; It’s what separates us. Having said this, there are absolutely themes, or desirable forms of utility, which we have had in the forefront of our minds when designing and building the platform… 


Since day one, Shimmy has been all about Positive Impact Content - these buzz words are so prevalent throughout our brand values and decisions, that it is deeply ingrained into the design and experience of our platform. We aspire to facilitate grand visions that communities can get behind, we endeavour to be a platform that delivers perpetual value and does real good in our world through usership. 

Some examples of what we would consider good ideas for Shimmies:

  • Fitness challenges i.e ‘Jacqui Runs the London Marathon for the Clean Rivers Trust  
  • Community initiatives i.e ‘Litter Picking Group Townville’
  • Team/ Group content & updates i.e ‘Villagetown FC Under 12s updates’ 
  • Viral Campaigns i.e ’24 Hours Silence for Unicef
  • Safe, admin managed group comms i.e ‘Best Friend Group (Private)’
  • UGC Initiatives i.e ‘Public Figure Swims the channel’ 
  • Pass it forward campaign i.e ‘Do a good deed, pass it on’ 

Shimmy taps into the virality of how initiatives can catch on through social media, and channels it in a progressive and profoundly beneficial direction - think less blue whale challenge, more end plastic waste challenge. Undoubtedly, there will be many private use cases, and Shimmies can be used however you wish within the usage policy parameters, yet it is a social tool designed for positive impact in our world. 

This is about liberating the userbase. About achieving tangible results. About actualising #techforgood.  We aim to #Inspirenotinfluence.

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