Shimmy 2023

Happy New Year! We are delighted to welcome this fresh calendar year at Shimmy, and have a lot of exciting plans coming to fruition in the upcoming months. Namely, releasing the first versions of our product for testing. This has been a long time in the making, and has taken a lot of perseverance and hard work, so we’re excited to present it to you! 


Shimmy isn’t about identity politics, virtue signalling or exacerbated content. It’s about true content, within refined networks, that has real purpose and subject matter. Shimmy is to be used to create real social content that has a clear motive or driving force behind it - that can have a tangible positive impact with the chosen audience. 

Shimmy poses the question to you, how would you use your social media output in your own gated community and with your own context driven content streams? Would you feel more free to publish your fitness journey? Would you take on a different goal or challenge knowing you were safe from outside judgement? 

Hopefully this sounds interesting to you, and you can give your feedback on our early versions! Below are a few other pointers on what milestones we’re working towards in Q1 2023:

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  • Q1 MVP Release & Testing
  • Financial Functionality/ $SHM Update
  • Upcoming Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Launch Planning

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Our first versions will demonstrate the core functionality and use cases for the Shimmy product. Which will be built upon and refined further based on early feedback and demand. The project is heavily reliant upon audience feedback and engagement. So if you’re reading this. Your involvement would be greatly appreciated. 

Regarding our native Crypto token, we’ve decided to hold back on the token implementation for the time being, due to market conditions and regulatory responsibility. Nonetheless, we will be looking to implement fiat functionality via an API into our app. For further news, join our Discord to see the recent community update announcement, also visit our updated Roadmap.

So, here’s to 2023! The year where we can get behind an ethical social media product with purposeful, safe and impactful use cases! The world needs Shimmy, but Shimmy needs you. Let’s do this. Let’s prove the good that social media can do in the world. 

Stay tuned, keep moving and see you soon! ~ Team Shimmy. 

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