The Shimmy development team have been putting great work into bringing our Shimmy App to life. We are not far from bringing a refined and usable web app onto your screens. The product is grounded by the principles of Safety & Impact, and presents a fresh start for you to make the world a better place for yourself and others through social media... 


As our stand-out differentials, selling points, and areas of innovation within the Shimmy platform, Safety and Impact are where we present our key competitive advantages. The Safety focus roots from the necessity for a social media solution to tackle prevalent problems throughout the industry such as data privacy issues, harmful content exposure, misinformation and much more. The Impact focus roots from the clear requirement for impactful content and substance through social media output - with expressive modes of communication, we now have the ability to present real positive change and add value with our content. Shimmy delivers this. 

The Safe Social Platform for Impact

Below, see pointers outlining our differentials and the specific elements enabling us to profess our clear-cut areas of innovation and unfair advantage:


  • Transparent data usage policies
  • User-centric design & controls
  • Secure, ID verified accounts & access
  • Invite-only, real contact connections
  • Posting Requirements & Specifications
  • Regular Platform & Token Audits


  • Direct channels/ strings with a subject matter
  • Purpose-housing feeds
  • ‘Dual Token’ financial functionality
  • Cause-led content/ subject matter
  • Founder member/ pioneer user direction
  • Space for Initiatives, Campaigns & Promotions  

Upon accepting your invitation to use Shimmy, you will be experiencing a well tested, secure, personalised social media innovation, with deliberate channels of tangible, direct impact. Real contact and interest related activity, along with the safety and peace of mind to put it to use befitting with your individual use cases, interests and passions. 

Beyond initial testing through our founding network, we will be inviting allotted segments of new users to join the platform. This will begin with a small amount of openings for new accounts, and gradually increase in line with invites per new user. We aim to build our early usership out as a loyal, understanding community who advocate for, and represent platform ideals through their usage. 

With this in mind, we advise you to sign-up sooner rather than later, get yourself on the waitlist, then you will be first to test and use the platform, and first to invite your network into Shimmy also. Let’s get moving! 

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