Here’s hoping you’ve settled well into 2023! We thought it would be a good idea to provide a brief product update, and a taster of what we have in store for you through the coming months - our team is growing and we are making good progress with bringing Shimmy App onto your screen!


The ultimate focus of the Shimmy app, is to deliver gated feeds, that have a governing, purposeful subject matter. In simple terms - lots of feeds or strings (Shimmies), containing content themes decided by the admin(s). They will be things like fitness challenges, charity campaigns, Team feeds, Christmas diaries or anything pertaining to an interest of each user or a group of users! 

In order to achieve this purposeful and impactful utility, Shimmy App is being built around the following factors and components:

  • Clear cut space for communities/ micro-niches to house their content.
  • A safe, stress & risk-free user experience afforded by pioneering controls & requirements. 
  • Transformative, progressive content strings (Shimmies) with clear cut purpose and subject matter.
  • Four segmented Shimmy themes, housing content with clear overriding definitions. E.g. Challenge/ Campaign.
  • Easy to digest content formats (Image, Video, Audio) with minimal text.
  • Invite/ Access and Audience controls.

Shimmy runs away from the vast sea of destruction and irrelevant information overload, in favour of feeds and content that is relative to each user and their interests. Content segmented into neat, digestible feeds. Controls and content streams determined by the end user.

Our product is currently being built within Googles’ Flutter environment, which means it can be deployed easily onto iOS and Android devices, using a singular codebase. We are currently working through and refining the pages, function and features, and will be testing the product within the upcoming months within our early network, and local communities. 

If Shimmy resonates with you in any way. If you also see the need for a product such as this. If you can imagine yourself using Shimmy. If you have your own insight to contribute… Join us and sign up to test our first versions by clicking this link. 

Does this initiative resonate with you in any way? Do you see the need for a product such as Shimmy? Do you believe that much more can be achieved through social media? Do you have your own mission or dream that will progress through Shimmy?

Join us, and let’s do more with social media! ~ Team Shimmy. 

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