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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shimmy Token?

The Shimmy Token is a smart chain cryptocurrency, which is fully transferrable and usable directly in the Shimmy app. The token governs certain value adding actions, serving as a feature to support the relative quality and value of in-app activity & actions. SHM Token represents purpose, security and value within the ecosystem. 

Why is the Shimmy Token £0.25?

This is the global price point, at which we are enabling investors to buy the Shimmy Token prior to it trading on the Crypto market.  Once the Token is publicly tradable, the exchange value will be aligned with the demand in the market for the Token and our app.


How much is available?

We are releasing the coin in stages to improve sustainability and enable the coin value to establish properly in the market. In the IDO, we are making 100,000,000 SHM Tokens available to private investors.


Where is the app?

Our crystal clear,  refined designs and ever developing implementation of the Shimmy Token are coming together in our private MVP, downloadable shortly after the close of our funding window by invite only. The timing of this funding round also increases our resource and capability prior to public exposure.


How does the app work?

The Shimmy ecosystem works by each member holding Shimmy Token in their wallet for use in-app. Then creating, joining and inviting to secure 'Shimmy Streams', which facilitate valuable, purposeful, safe social media file sharing between qualified connections, audiences and invitees. 

How will the Shimmy Token be transferrable?

The token will be manageable using wallet addresses, exchanges and cross-platform functionality. It will be usable and transferrable in the general market through the relative fiat and spot currency pricing. It will also govern certain actions, subscriptions and contributions in-app. 


Why is it different?

Shimmy brings the token economy and ease of transferability to social media. Inside a simpler, safer and more user driven interface. It enables members to create, trade and implement real value through social media-type files. 

Shimmy leverages blockchain technologies to implement more ownership and safety through a social media app. Our software has been in planning and development for a long time. Aided with our early interest and resource in crypto, we have been able to merge these key focus areas seamlessly. Creating a transparent, safer and more rewarding product.

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