Roaring into '22...

With the welcoming of 2022, comes rapturous updates to the Shimmy project, Roadmap, and deliverables foreseen throughout the year ahead. 2021 was a good year for the project on many counts, with the team, project scope, build & deployment plans developing and stabilising. The focus however, now switches to product, market & community build and launch stages throughout the forthcoming year of the Tiger. It’s almost time for Shimmy to roar across the social media market. ?

The below depicted January update, highlights some key areas of focus as we move through Q1. 

If you have any queries or wish to express an interest in the project, reach out to us here. If you wish to see more information surrounding Shimmy, visit our Shimmy Documents site here. 

Let’s come together and bring real utility and positive change to the social media landscape. 

Wishing you a magical 2022 and beyond! – The Shimmy Team. 

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