Yes, we do.

This post, as it is #Mentalhealthawarenessweek, outlines what this ever-increasingly important area of focus means to Shimmy. It outlines how and why we do what we can day-to-day. We work to bring you more peaceful and rewarding solutions as far as the social media world and the amount of fixes and innovations that can and should be delivered in a mental health and user experience context. From day one with Shimmy...


... the goal has always been to tackle the short fallings within the social media industry with regard to impact on the general end user, and the areas where there is room to innovate and give more. The intent has always been to deliver a safer and more transparent social product, that brings more tangible value, with less risk of direct or indirect harm. Some of our main focus points:

  • Having a better impact where it matters - with the people.
  • Giving our members more wherever possible. 
  • Creating and In-building amazing, completely new and usable features.
  • Providing a more personalised, secure and transparent experience. 
  • Caring for the user and their time spent in app. 
  • Delivering monetary and non-monetary value. 

.... and much, much more. 

Many of the features that we’ve dreamt up, are specifically designed to bring more positive reinforcement and a safer general experience.

It’s easy for us to be in denial about the impact that social media has on us, as it has become so mainstream and widely used. The features tie us in without substantial reasoning as to why, other than to feed curiosity or urge to see ‘what’s going on’. What is really going on, is a communal battle for attention, based on the structures and ideals befitting with the end goals of the platforms you’re using. Too often, these ideals are based on shallow and even harmful principles, resulting in shallow, and even harmful activity. It's time to bring social media into the age of data democracy.

 With the era of the NFT/ Crypto applicability to such files, proving that even a JPEG can contain real tangible value in the world. It brings a new future of opportunity with social media. This, for us means building a product for the people, that not only is safer, more refined and purposeful, but also withholds the capability for real monetary value to be attained be it via digital or fiat currency. 

From a usership point of view, this means you can create a Shimmy to do things like raise money for a cause or project that you care about, to showcase and earn from your art, to teach and provide information... the opportunities are endless!

We implement further security, ownership and transferability to your social media files. Ensuring that they will contain a certain denotable value, or a more meaningful value. It says goodbye to ‘news’ and the such, hello to real people doing real things for real reasons. Goodbye social media anxiety and fear, hello freedom and safety! Let's get Shimmying!

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