With widespread impending updates to legislation, and initiatives such as ISO20022 bringing improved standardisation. The governance and regulatory measures throughout the blockchain industry, are providing a stable grounding for the future of commerce, collaboration, organisational development and utility.

In the instance of Shimmy, as we do plan to achieve global exposure. It is important to be assured in our provision of the necessary documentation and representation to stabilise our commercial activity, policies and partnerships. To have the structures in place enabling thriving, low-risk arrangements with other entities in the space. It is our responsibility to provide stability, and our duty of care to protect and support our community. We have the necessary legal & regulatory experience. The understanding of correct measures and procedures relative to our activity, and most importantly, the desire to push the boundaries of what partnerships can achieve. 

Underpinning our proposition in the current market, the Shimmy data policies and transparent nature of our service, place us in a strong position to deliver an effective, safe and progressive social media product. A product that stands up to the requirements of the law, the safety of the end user and the demands of the market. A product that has real-world utility and positive influence, a digital environment to make the world a better place through social media. 

With our forward facing and member-driven, ethical operation just kicking into gear, aided by the weight of current legal pressures mounting on certain social media providers, the door opens. Presenting a new, brighter future for social media and its usership. One with purpose, ethics, tangible value and real utility. With data ownership and control. With security and transparency. With peace of mind. 

Be a part of the Shimmy journey from this very moment. Sign-Up. Buy the Token. Hold tight. Lots more is Shimmying your way soon. Drum roll please…

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