Ask yourself - are todays youth being transmitted the right values through social media? Do we want the next generations to become adults always stretching to ridiculous lengths for attention? Do we want to teach the children that how many ‘followers’ you have is the holy grail? Do we want to pass on these values of shallow, self-involved egotism and worshipping false idols? Do we truly believe that the current social media landscape is good for our species and the world inwhich we live? Do we believe that the information we are sucked in to consuming, creating and endorsing has optimal levels of value and meaning? Our view is a resounding NO, so we're acting on it...


We believe, that with such a powerful tool as social media giving the ability to spread content across communities, it needs to be utilised to a fuller extent. We believe it is a tool that can be utilised to solve worldly issues and disasters. A tool that can be used to enable people to become the best versions of themselves. That can be used to strengthen, engage and unite communities.

Shimmy pushes a considerably more progressive point of view, geared towards utilising social media to create positive individual and societal impact - Why can’t we build specifically for content that has a purpose, relevance or wider value? For a completely individual and unique experience. 

The initial Shimmy App release is on the way. We’re kicking hard under the surface, working to deliver the early versions of our product as soon as we can. Our talented and capable team are bringing our solution to life, for you to download very soon. Shimmy enables refined, safeguarded feeds of subject-governed content. Ensuring that you only come into contact with, and create content that has relevance to you, your network and interests. It enables you to create content of real substance, to take action, to create your own refined message, to impact what you care about. We are building Shimmy as a force for positive change. Facilitating content that transmits courage, effort, initiative and growth! 

Join us in spreading the message. Let’s make our platform a regenerative breath of fresh air flowing through communities. Let’s Shimmy our social media output forwards! 

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