Shimmy implements some purpose built new features such as the Amazing button and the SHM Coin, to bring a completely new, more friendly and enjoyable experience. We make the interactions much simpler, more direct and clearer. We allow you to choose the specific audience or desired audience for a post. We make it more inclusive and secure. We enable you to easily respond and connect to your contacts, without the fear that you’re not being clear enough or expressing yourself fully. 


It’s there for you to trust, and use to send and receive media files with your actual contacts. You can do everything from singing happy birthday to someone, to announcing that you’re about to embark on ultra-marathon training, to owning a magical piece of content!

Why do we need Shimmy?

There is a certain surge across modern technology industries with digital currency. There is also a certain increasing disregard for some of the experiences being provided by mainstream social media channels. After working for so long on building a next-gen social media app for the people, we also got our heads into crytpo and decided that it would be best to implement our own currency into Shimmy, enabling the activity to not only have more purpose and direction, but to be able to carry real world value.  

What are we doing? 

We’re currently programming away and putting together our masterpiece. We’re using some of the worlds most advanced technology to ensure the product is clean, simple, reliable and responsive. We are Implementing programs that use Artificial Intelligence to further automate, regulate and bring safety to the experience. We are building a platform that needs and deserves your trust. Your patience also, as they say - Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

How does it work?

The app merges transparent, safe, fun social media with crypto. Meaning that along with securely interacting with your real contacts in new and engaging ways, you can also implement digital currency functionality, enabling you to raise money and trade with your account also. The app will let you post files meeting certain file requirements, including short form (less than three minute) video or audio messages. This is the mode inwhich our community will operate, and the file format enables Shimmies to obtain and carry a certain denotive value. Our plan is to make this process of creating and posting as easy and simple as possible, gearing all the relative controls and permissions to the member. You will be able to choose specifically which eye balls see your Shimmies, you’ll be able to also scream something from the rooftops to as many people as possible if you wish. Perhaps if you’d just discovered something like the cure for psychopathic social media related behaviour! 

The connection between contacts in-app is one dimensional or peer to peer/ peer to audience. So this means there is no awkward ‘You follow me, i follow you’ dynamic, and a purely viewer driven process - The only thing you follow on Shimmy is your own decisions! Further than this, we implement enhanced privacy and security features. New, amazing buttons and features. Our digital currency  also introduces a completely innovative social media experience, bringing a dynamic means for members and organisations to directly, and effectively reach out to their clarified audience, really capitalise and profit from social, and obtain clear cut benefits whilst significantly reducing the downside.

Any further questions about Shimmy? Any suggestions for a feature? Just send us a message!

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