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Shimmy is a user-centric, interest-driven social media platform, enabling safe public or private group feeds aligned with a specific subject matter. A 'Shimmy' is a permissioned string of content with a defined purpose or context, housing short-form video, audio and images. Shimmies have financial functionality, enabling donations, subscriptions and fundraising. Use Shimmies to get more information within a field of interest, segment your social interest areas, raise funds for a charity campaign or environmental initiative, document your progress on a journey, or just post about your pets. Feed admins will choose settings & permissions, and are in full control. 

Safe & Transparent

Your controls & Permissions

Your data and information is protected and managed by you. You have full control over your experience in-app. Our invite-only and incentive mechanisms, make sure that you are not only safe in-app, but that you also get rewarded for your activity.

Tangible Value

Direct monetary functionality

Through our embedded financial technology, the platform enables donations, contributions and direct rewards and incentives. Earn & monetise your social content via in-app activity! 

Impactful Content


We deliver the channel for members to use their social media output for good - to impact their world through initiatives and 'Make it happen' content. A Shimmy is designed as a permissioned social media string for your specific subject matter or audience.


"It's about time a social platform came along focusing on the nature, quality and impact of the content. With Shimmy, we are not only able to freely post and interact within our networks and interest categories, we can raise funds for our causes too"

@Strive333, Founder Member

About us

At Shimmy, we are a team wholly dedicated to presenting more ethical solutions for the people through a social media outlet. We present a transparent entity and operation. Along with clear and simple usability, geared towards impactful and valuable activity. 

We bring purposeful use cases through subject-governed group feeds. We are releasing a simple social tool for segmenting content around your network and your interests. If you'd like to see social feeds built for you then join our movement today! 

A place for considered, expressive content of real substance. Start a Shimmy to tidy your local beach or park, to house your running club content or raise funds for a cause close to you. 

We discovered the space to channel a 'truer' tone through a social media platform - Cutting away the nonsense, honing in on what matters - subject, impact, relative value. 

The most important gauge of our success, is tangible positive impact in the 'real world'. We aim to change lives for the better. One Shimmy at a time.  


As a small yet mighty team of dedicated entrepreneurs & developers, we set out to bring positive impact through Safeguarding, Enabling, Empowering, Incentivising & Rewarding. Giving more reason, meaning and intent to social usage. Shaping a brighter experience through transparency, safety and real-world value.

We are so excited for you to be part of the movement!

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