About 2 years into the project, we realised that the brand name has the word ‘Hi’ in it. This, albeit perhaps relatively insignificant, we hope helps add a layer of approachability and openness to our brand. We need to bring usability, ownership and transferability to social media and crypto. This means we also need to build an open community of advocates who believe in what we’re doing, are behind us on the journey, and will contribute to our development and advancements. We are creating the platform to make social media safer and more transparent, whilst also in-building digital currency and bringing in levels of ownership and transactional capability. This ultimately will give more purpose and reason to activity, and emphasise the quality and value elements, which although seemingly overlooked, are the most important elements of effective and worthwhile social media activity. E.g. informative data, art, plans, files, profit.


We’re setting out to produce better results within the social media industry as far as the overall impact it is having on people and the amount of relative downsides we currently experience. We’re also making digital currency (SHM Token) more accessible and usable between you and your network. This, as you can imagine, is no light task. Although, given the rapid growth of these industries since inception, and the earth-shattering impact that the growing presence of such technology has had, there is certainly a lot to go from, and as we have found, a lot of wiggle room for improvement.

Our main focus is how can our product further reward and benefit the user, keep them safer and give them a more positive experience. When looking into the constructs of social networking, and the types of features and designs that have been created in the past, it is evident that many of them have a direct influence on human psychology due to them largely being action or end to end focused. We bring more security, value and substance to the end to end interactions. 

The dramatic surge in new technology companies innovating and implementing new software and features using blockchain technology, bodes very well in terms of the advancements to our world that this will bring. This is why we are doing it in a social media context - as this is a crucial area where positive change is needed in our world. This means we have had to suffer to get to this point as a race when it comes to social media. Whether fully knowingly or not, we have done and are still suffering with the industry in its current state.  

At Shimmy, we don’t want to bind anyone to a rule or a restriction, we want to let communications flow and interactions to be easy. We rid the place of animosity and redundant text. We rid passive, time wasting modes of communication. We focus on what matters - direct, open, clear, safe interactions, with your secure network of real contacts. We bring real value to files/ Shimmies in the app. This helps hone in the focus and material behind the content, as opposed to perhaps being able to beat the algorithm in less meaningful ways. 

We have an opportunity to do better for the people, to give more through our product, and to have a positive financial impact with our coin. The coin will in essence be backed by the activity and demand for our platform. It will also govern many in-app actions and options. We work to bring our open, transparent mode of communication, with supporting in-app feature innovations, enhanced privacy, security and our usable digital currency. Although digital currencies could be viewed as daunting or complicated to use, our main product goal is to focus on clear design, ease of use and simplicity. This will not just make it clear as to the interactional nature of the technology and the content sharing, but it will help with general usability of crypto, relative to other, linkable wallets and wider impacts.

We started with big goals, now we’re continuing to work at answering those difficult questions, and giving what we can to best pave the way there. We are forward thinking, dedicated and creative souls, giving what we can to this project, to give the people more. With that being said. We hope you now appreciate where we’re going with this and can’t wait for you to get your hands on our app!

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