User-generated-content. In a first-principles sense, is simply brand-related content ideated, produced and published by your typical end-user. It symbolises both alignment between user creativity and relative brands, also the shift towards authentic content of value that is relatable. By design, Shimmy is a native UGC content platform through privacy and exposure controls and more bespoke user-capabilities, along with the interest-based, subject-driven and community led nature of in-app content creation. Here's why:


Powerful Social Proof: Seeing positive experiences from real people builds trust in products or services far more than traditional advertising. Shimmy highlights UGC around trending products or topics, creating a more organic, relative form of marketing.

Boosted Engagement and Community: In sharing experiences and interest-relative content in Shimmies, users can leverage creating spaces for UGC to thrive - like challenges, initiatives and campaigns. This compounds and fosters a more engaged user base that feels invested.

Enhanced Authenticity and Trust: UGC cuts through the sheen of polished marketing. Real people involving, using and talking about products and services in their Shimmies fosters a sense of authenticity that resonates with audiences. This authenticity translates to trust in the platform itself, where users see genuine interactions rather than just curated content.

Fresh and Diverse Content Stream: This variety embedded into the design of Shimmy, brings creative freedom, keeping users engaged and coming back for more. UGC can also be more diverse, showcasing products and experiences from a wider range of users.

Cost-Effective Marketing for Brands: User-created reviews, photos, and videos are powerful marketing tools that brands can leverage to reach new audiences. Shimmy will connect brands with relevant UGC creators, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Whilst Shimmy is not purely about marketing brands, it creates the space to seamlessly embed brands within content initiatives in Shimmies. Say someone sets themselves a fitness challenge i.e ’Sally swims the channel’ and creates a Shimmy, the space is hereby created not only for Sally to raise funds for a charity through in app financial functionality, but to partner with, and attach a swimming brand to the Shimmy for example. 

As a powerful social tool for positive impact, Shimmy not only creates space for content of relative value and impact, it creates so much more potential and opportunity...

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