The Cardano Native Shimmy Token

The Shimmy Token, is now readily available for purchase via our Investor Page. Buy today and become an early owner of the Shimmy Token. Below are a few reasons why this is a fantastic opportunity, along with a link straight to the page: 


Base Token value

Innovative social media application

Limited access/ availability

Shimmy Token LTV

Increased resource through funding 

Market impact potential

Crypto market growth & foresight

Pitfalls in social media market

Progressive usability & function

Further innovation potential

Transparent & Ethically grounded

Our initial coin offering enables the Token to be officially purchased, whilst we undergo final updates and security testing prior to launching on the mainnet and releasing the coin to designated wallets. We invite interested parties to get access via the button below. You will then be able to directly purchase the token and become a Founding Investor in Shimmy. 

For anything else Shimmy or the Shimmy Token, you can get more info here, or email invest (at)

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