As current conditions within the crypto and wider markets are heavily leaning toward the bearish end of the spectrum. It begs the question of what further action can be taken? What seeds can be planted to ensure optimum and timely positioning, as things begin to improve..? 

Many of todays prominent organisations launched in difficult market conditions, so we say let’s use the bear market to build and build magnificently. Let’s position ourselves to use the dip in the market to our advantage. Let’s refine, tweak, reiterate, rethink, adapt, develop and build through the bearishness! 

From more of a broader or macro view, we preempt that what goes up must go down and vice versa. We see that as the market corrects and fluctuation rides its course, new opportunities, fresh beginnings and renewed market sentiment glimmer towards an exciting future around the corner. 

At Shimmy, we are preparing for market readiness, and building out our product for upcoming testing. We have a clear-cut angle within our market, and are doubling down on maximising the quality of our proposition through these challenging times. 

We’ve always had a longer-term mentality and are completely dedicated to delivering a progressive solution that positively impacts the lives of billions through the future. This understandably takes time, persistence and being dynamic through the journey. We hope to count on you for your valued support, and promise to give what we can for you throughout the highs, lows and all in-between. 

NB. If you’re interested in testing the Shimmy MVP, you can Sign-Up here. We have limited spaces so act now! 

Sincerely yours, Team Shimmy. 

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